Tuesday, August 16, 2011

39 weeks: last pregnancy post!!

yes, you read that right. i am 100% sure this is my last pregnancy post! sh and i went to the doctor yesterday. i am 2cm dilated (active labor starts at 4cm) but have not really felt much in terms of real contractions (just what seems to be a lot of braxton hicks, which is maddening because it's such a tease this late in the game!).

the doc said that based on the baby's estimated weight of 6 pounds 10 oz 2.5 weeks ago, the baby could very well be 8 pounds already, or even bigger. my jaw dropped when she told me this. considering my size, she doesn't want lana getting much bigger because then it'll make it harder for me to deliver her naturally. so...if i don't go into labor on my own by tomorrow night, i'm scheduled to go to the hospital thurs morning at 6am to be induced. it's not ideal to be induced, but i'd rather be induced and deliver naturally than let lana go way overdue and get huge and then have to get a c-section. i was holding out hope that i'd go into labor today (so we could share birthdays) but that ship has sailed. i'm still hoping i'll go into labor naturally between now and thursday morning though. anyway, it's just such a relief to know that regardless of how it happens, after what feels like years of being pregnant lana will be here by the end of this week!

thanks everyone for all your encouragement and support! please pray for a quick and easy labor and delivery (well, as quick and easy as l&d can get!). oh, and pray that she is long and lean (and in particular, has a nice and small head). :D hopefully the next blog post will have pictures of a very tired but happy mommy and daddy with lana pants. :)

last bump!


  1. she's korean. odds on a small head are slim. sorry.
    (really, hugs and prayers and thoughts going out to you. l&d scares the crap outta me. not trying any time soon.)

  2. omg. this is crazy to think that by this Saturday Lana will be in the crib. wow. amazing.

  3. Unfortunately, you can be 2cm dilated, or more, for days. It doesn't mean a thing as to when labor will start. I don't think you should be scared. Size of a woman overall is not that relevant. You have the ability to do it. Doctors often say that but if your doctor has the right kind of knowledge and experience to help you have a natural birth, you could do it. (Although if you had a medical condition that caused your baby to be a lot bigger than it should grow, like gestational diabetes, then that might be a cause for concern. But you don't.)So don't let what she said psyche you into thinking that your body is too small!!! And if she used an ultrasound, well, it's not that accurate. My midwife can tell with her hands within a few ounces of how big my baby is b/c she has 20 years of experience of doing so. As you know, that ultrasound can be off significantly. I hope that they try natural methods of induction, like stripping your membranes, but I really think that you are going in way too early, unless you have no idea of when you conceived. If your body is not ready, it's not ready and that induction could lead to a c-section. But I'll be praying for you that your body will respond so you don't end up getting a C-section and that the drugs won't interfere with a good start to breastfeeding.And btw, DS1 was overall an average size baby. DS2 was big but he still came out naturally. If I had gone to see a regular doctor, he/she probably would have told me he was too big. So it's a good thing I had a CNM.

  4. I should also say, that you can go from 2 cm to much more dilated quickly too, so it doesn't matter what your week to week progress is anyway. I say do all the things that you could be doing to start labor naturally before Thursday b/c you never know! And I hope you get a CNM (certified nurse midwife) for your care before your doctor gets there or while she's popping in and out so maybe you can some more personalized care.