Friday, August 30, 2013

pies pies pies

i love pies. my friends love pies. everyone loves pies. here are some of the recipes i use for the pies i bake. i sincerely hope no one is fooled into thinking i am some expert baker. i'm really a novice. i only started baking real pies last year (as in, everything from scratch including the crust) and now i'm hooked. i bake because i like to eat, it's pretty simple i think. none of the recipes are originals, though i'm excited to get there someday. most of them are recommendations from friends or results of pie-craving-induced google searches at 11:30 at night.

pie crust
i tried a couple different recipes and this is the best:

there are 3 crust recipes - i used the first one, which is the "all butter crust." the recipe is for 2 pie crusts (so if you're making an apple pie, it'll be bottom crust + top crust but if you're making a pumpkin pie, you can make 2 pies). if you want to make enough for multiple pies, double or triple the recipe. the crusts freeze well, so make the disks, wrap with plastic wrap, and then freeze. make sure to take them out the day before you want to bake so they thaw in time.

some pie recipes i've tried (and liked):



key lime

banana cream

coconut cream

some pie recipes i want to try (um, this list got really long really quickly):

sweet potato

raspberry chocolate

ricotta and fig (sounds amazing!)

pecan pie

lemon meringue

frozen lemonade pie


nutmeg maple cream pie


peanut butter banana cream pie

as you can tell from above, i visit (often) the following sites for recipes:

please share your good pie recipes with me too! i want my own 'rolodex' of tried and true pie recipes, the kind that make people say something like "have you tried carol's blueberry pie? @_@" am i on my way to becoming an old midwestern nana who wears flower-printed aprons or what? so awesome.

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