Sunday, June 8, 2014

35 weeks. one month to go // the rangers might induce labor

today marks 35 weeks. as of yesterday, exactly one month to go till 7/7/14, and as of tomorrow, exactly 4 weeks to go. i talked to my OB who recommended i stop working soon since i told her that it's getting really hard to sit through a work day (even though i work mostly from the comfort of my new recliner, which i bought a few weeks ago and which is awesomeness). so my last day of work is this coming friday, 6/13 and i'll be on short term disability for three weeks before the c-section date. if you're in the area and want to hang out, come over! i'll be home in my pjs rocking the beached whale look and getting angry watching homeowners complain on hgtv that $200,000 is too expensive for a 4br house.

some other things to note:

-- upon a friend's recommendation, i got a temporary handicap parking placard. it has made life so much easier. i try not to go out too much, but sometimes a girl needs some air (or ice cream, or both). and the parking placard makes going somewhere less challenging. anyone want to go to garden state plaza?! i feel like i need to use it there at least once, just to take advantage of it! not that i can walk around the mall. anyone want to go to garden state plaza and have a spare wheelchair? -_-

-- i had an OB appointment on friday. i think there's something wrong with the scale at the doctor's office, but it said i was 125 (when two weeks ago it said 127?). so i'm now about +10-12 pounds. baby's head is down, and doc said everything's looking good.

-- my uncle lives in an apartment complex that has a pool so my mom and i took lana yesterday. when i went into the pool, it was the first time in maybe almost three months i didn't feel some sort of pelvic pain. it was amazing to get some of the pressure off my back, feet and belly and feel weightless. even afterwards i felt less pain for a while.

-- i still go to the chiropractor 1-2x a week. he has a wellness center, so whenever i go, i get chiropractic care, 15 minutes of massage therapy, 15 minutes of physical therapy and acupuncture. it's a great practice (dr. eugene lee in edgewater, if anyone wants to check it out). sometimes it's hard to realize the difference it's making right away, but i definitely notice it when i don't go for several days. also, i've noticed that the acupuncture in particular has made a big difference for my legs. with lana, i used to get charley horses all the time - i'd wake up screaming with golf ball sized cramps in my calves until sh massaged them away. this time around, i've only gotten one charley horse so far. i notice after going to the chiro that my legs are less crampy feeling and more relaxed. just a tip for my prego friends out there, esp. if you find yourself experiencing a lot of leg pain. it might be helpful for you.

-- we're slowly continuing to prep for baby boy's arrival. just in case he comes early, i've started packing my hospital bag. (in it, a hockey mouthguard to use during the c-section. with lana, i had such bad clenching/chattering that my jaw hurt for a couple days afterwards.) i'm buying a cosleeper from a friend to use for the first few months. we bought some diapers (it's been a nice couple months of diaperlessness while it lasted). i bought this cart from ikea to use as a diaper/clothes/etc. caddy for baby:

it's actually a kitchen cart, but i saw this pic and others on various baby blogs and thought it'd be perfect to use to corral all the baby stuff while baby stays in our room. once he graduates to a crib in his own room, it can be used for books/toys for lana. it's funny though, how little we're prepping for this second baby compared to lana. i haven't bought a single article of clothing for him! it's really true that non-first kids get shafted a bit. -_- i mean, we'll love him just as much, i think...

-- now that the end is sort of in sight, i'm starting to really want certain things and i CAN'T WAIT for this pregnancy to be over so i can get back to them. things i miss (in no particular order): 1. my normal body, 2. my normal clothes (oh cinched waist dresses how i miss you), 3. being able to move without pain, 4. BEER/WINE, 5. gorging on sushi (i already have a date with fellow prego Kay to do this soon after the babies are out, husbands optional).

in other news, the rangers may seriously induce labor. i was definitely in some pain after last night's (utterly disappointing) game because it seems i forget i can't really move and i jump up whenever we score or almost score. -_- how awesome would it be if i could say "hey baby boy, the year you were born, the rangers won the cup." sigh.

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