Tuesday, April 12, 2011

21 weeks: congrats, it's a basketball!

it's always hardest coming back to reality after a vacation, and work always seems to be at its worst after a vacation (but maybe it's not objectively worse, just subjectively because you're comparing real life to the awesomeness of vacation, which, obviously, is completely unfair to real life). i'm still recovering from this past weekend where i worked most of my waking hours, and it made me realize how different my energy level is now compared to pre-pregnancy. also, my belly has grown a lot this past week which has made things interesting. the belly growth is not steady, as i've realized, but more spurt-like. it'll seem to be the same size for a while, then within a couple days, it'll grow all of a sudden. if you compare this week's bump picture to last week, you'll see that the top of my belly has filled out a lot, almost as if a basketball's in there. before, it was bigger more in the lower ab area but she's creeping up. this makes it hard to sit for long periods of time. i'm feeling a lot more pressure and sometimes breathing gets hard too. i feel HUGE but i can't believe i still have 19 more weeks to go until the due date. i am scared about how big i'll get. i measured my belly the other day and i was 36 inches. 36!! i regularly pray for baby to be tiny (but healthy of course) at birth but grow to be much taller than her mommy (like her daddy). :)

so in anticipation of our growing family, sh and i have decided to move to nj. we've started the hunt but it's been stressful already (we found a place we loved but lost it to someone with a may 1 move-in date - we're june 1). i know we'll find something right for us but it's been a bit overwhelming dealing with househunting on top of work and baby stuff. i am such a control freak and feel antsy whenever i don't feel completely on top of every situation i'm in. i suppose i should start learning now how to be ok with not feeling in control, since i'm sure baby will be very good at taking that control away from me. o_O


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  1. eek. i can't imagine moving while pregnant. that's stress me the f out. and yes, supposedly having a kid makes you less of a control freak, which is why my mom think i need to have one.