Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20 weeks (+ 1 day): halftime!

i am officially halfway through my pregnancy. sometimes it feels like it went fast, sometimes i'm like, "i still have 20 weeks to go??" either way, when i do a little retrospection, i'm so thankful for how well the pregnancy's gone so far. yes the morning sickness, nausea and exhaustion were no fun. and yes i'm still not eating completely normally and yes i see grandmas pass me when walking up the stairs, but whenever i feel cranky about it, i try to remind myself that it's normal and expected. also, health-wise for me and baby, everything's been going really well, whether it's blood tests or ultrasounds. my OB said "everything looks perfect perfect perfect." so many things can go wrong in a pregnancy that it's just such a relief that everything has gone so well so far. let's hope and pray the second 20 weeks are as good (or better!) than the first 20. and please let me have a painless labor and delivery ok thanks much.

we went to florida this past weekend for sh's sister's wedding. the whole trip was amazing. the weather was perfect, the wedding was beautiful and it was great to just relax with family and friends. i should go on vacation all the time because i eat so much better when i'm on vacation. all for the baby, of course. i'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely true. i think it's just the relaxed timeline - we have time to consider what we want and then go eat it. which is so unlike real life where we're always rushed and eating on the go. the good news mom's coming back in three weeks! (mom = food.) she can't last more than 4 months at a time in china. actually, she has visa issues but she's not exactly torn up about having to leave the country. she bought a one-way ticket so she has the option of staying until the baby's here. my poor dad. always gets shafted.

speaking of dads, my father-in-law has come up a suggestion for baby's korean name (which will be her legal middle name). we told him we'd think about it. but he's so sneaky. why? two reasons: 1) first, he says, "this name was given to me by God so if you don't like it, you'll just have to come up with another name. i'm sticking to the one name." major guilt trip! 2) but then, while we're driving to the wedding, he says, "ok. maybe i have one more suggestion" and gives us another name to consider. but this second name is pretty ugly. i wonder if it's a strategy to make the first name look better! so it begins...o_O

and speaking of grandparents, my mom is looking high and low in china for a chi pao (the traditional chinese dress) for the baby...and also one for sammie. can't forget about the first grandchild. :)

bump! (was already in my pjs and too lazy to change into the usual tshirt i wear, so i pulled the shirt back so you can see the bump better)

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