Wednesday, July 20, 2011

35 weeks (+1 day): 5 weeks to go.

i know i'm super antsy for lana to come out, but i am somewhat appeased that i am now close enough to do a countdown - when people ask "when are you due?" or "how far along are you?" it makes me feel better that i can say "i have 5 weeks left" instead of "35 weeks." it doesn't work quite as well when you're like "oh well i have 18 weeks left."

still, with that said, physically everything is getting harder and harder. i feel ginormous, my hips, back, legs and belly ache and pull, i don't sleep as well, i'm constipated, i can't stand or sit for long periods, etc. as mom friends tell me, this is nature's way of making you totally ready for whatever it takes to get the baby out.

i think what's surprised me the most about pregnancy (in terms of the way my body feels) is how much the legs suffer. you always figure that the belly area and torso will have a lot of the burden to bear, but i didn't realize how hard it is on the legs. i keep thinking of those pre-pregnancy days when i could run around and do whatever i felt like without having to consider my body. i had a freakout moment last night - i came home from work, sat down for dinner, and just stayed seated at the dinner table for a couple hours. after dinner, i chatted with my mom and then played blokus with my cousin. my mom kept telling me to stop playing and go lie down on the couch so i finally did. my legs felt funny once i got to the couch so i looked down and holy moly my legs had swelled up like balloons! my right leg was way worse than my left - i couldn't believe it was my own leg. and my toes looked like little sausages. :( i propped my feet up and my mom massaged my legs and feet for a good hour to help the swelling go down. it's much better today but i'm still wary of sitting or standing for too long. pregnancy makes you sympathize with all sorts of ailments out there that you never really thought about - obesity, water retention, shortness of breath, a "bad hip," etc.. i sound like a 70 year old.

overall i don't think i've been too bad with mood swings during the pregnancy. i was super exhausted and thus super irritable during the first trimester, but besides that i don't think i've been crazy pregnant lady. (and i haven't ever made unreasonable requests for the hubs to go out and get [name the sweet] for me in the middle of the night. then again i haven't had any weird cravings at all during the pregnancy.) but. i think the aforementioned physical ailments + the heat + the "just get her out of me!" feeling are contributing to the making of a sort of "preggzilla." i suppose sh could give a more objective view on this matter but you know, no need to bother him. :)

while we're talking about pregnancy, i came across this video and...well, just watch it. it's a clip from the show "i didn't know i was pregnant." it boggles the mind, i tell you.



  1. I was thinking of you the other day, waiting on the hot subway platform, and wondering how you are doing.

    I like to think lana is having a lot of fun with you, and when I told andy how she crouches and waits to trick you into thinking you're in labor every hour during the night, he just shook his head and said, "they're in trouble." :)

  2. haha. we are in trouble...if she's anything like sh as a baby!! can't wait for you and andy to meet her. :D