Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15 weeks (delayed...again)

sunday marked 15 weeks of pregnancy. i guess it felt like i had just blogged and so i didn't really feel like writing again on sunday. i probably shouldn't be writing this right now but mentally, i am taking a snow day (even though i am still in the office). speaking of weather, i am so confused by the news. for that last storm on jan 3, there was so much media coverage i was bracing myself for a foot. we barely got 5 inches. i didn't even KNOW there was going to be snow today until the hubs said so this morning. i felt like there was very little media coverage for this storm, and now they're saying it's going to be way worse than the last one. don't get it. is weather coverage more intense when there isn't much going on in the world? like they have nothing else to report on?

so i'm 15 weeks now. i'm feeling much better - thanks everyone for checking in with me. as much as i am having a hard time believing it, maybe i do have asthma because i've been breathing much better ever since i got the inhaler, damnit. notable things for this week...baby is moving a lot more, or at least i'm feeling it a lot more. with lana, i didn't feel her until 21 weeks. i started feeling this baby at 10 weeks! i guess it helps to know what it feels like. i'm still not eating that well - i went through a big box of apple jacks in 3 days by myself. cereal is still my #1 meal, and i'm still anti-meat. i can have beef here and there but chicken and pork are absolute no's. i also can't do most korean food, which is usually my favorite. i think i've lost about 7-8 pounds so far. the goal is to not lose anymore. the other new thing is i feel like my body is stretching out more, in preparation for the growing belly. i've been experiencing a lot of pain around my thighs and hips (where my legs meet my torso). it's not that bad, but i feel it a lot whenever i walk.

one thing we've noticed is lana has been very clingy lately. she used to run into daycare without even turning around, but now she cries every morning. is it because of baby? i've heard a few parents saying the same thing. it'd be interesting to hear more stories about whether this is true or not. i guess i was skeptical initially because i thought the baby was not really real to her, since she can't see it and it's just a bump on mommy's belly. but maybe they're smarter than we give them credit for.

in other news, my hair was driving me crazy and i chopped it off. it felt like i was carrying a dead animal around on my head.

i will get around to posting bump pictures...someday. everyone be super safe in this storm please!

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