Sunday, January 26, 2014

16 weeks (or 17?)

this week, the cold really kicked my ass. i posted this on fb before but i really don't think i've ever felt this cold in my entire life. as my friends commented, it's probably a combination of 1) an unseasonably cold winter, 2) age and 3) pregnancy. it took me 2 hours to thaw after work on friday. i came home, ate dinner, and then ran upstairs and changed into sweats and sat in bed under 3 blankets. hawaii cannot come fast enough. it's sad because i used to be very good with the cold - maybe from years of playing hockey in cold ice rinks. but alas, my age is catching up with me.

i went to my OB for a checkup on friday and she said the results of my NT ultrasound came back. she said all the test results look great. she also mentioned that the OB at the hospital thinks my due date is actually 7/6, not 7/13 because the baby is "huge." -_- the next ultrasound at 20 weeks will confirm the exact due date. so i might actually be 17 weeks today, not 16. we'll found out in 4 weeks. the other thing that happened at the OB checkup is i got yelled at because i lost 3 pounds from my last appointment 4 weeks ago (although, it was up 2 pounds from my appointment with the pulmonary doctor 2 weeks ago). it's so hard to eat regular meals still, but i'm just trying to find things that i can stomach that have some nutrition. tonight's dinner was plain greek yogurt with granola and 고구마 (korean yams). but the big development this past week was i ate meat. i actually ate beef for dinner yesterday, and i didn't love it, but i also didn't spit it out. so that's progress. i ate thinly sliced beef with lettuce wraps and masked the flavor of the beef with gallons of sesame oil. works for lana, worked for me. :) hopefully i can start eating regularly soon. pork and chicken are still completely out of the question though. the thought of them still makes me want to gag.

my mom is coming on 2/16. i am so so so excited, and while i of course want her here so i can hang out with her, i must admit that i am also really excited that she can cook for us. having to cook on a daily basis for your family really takes the fun out of cooking, esp. when you are cooking food you can't even eat! sundays are my cooking days (and it feels like i'm cooking for hours and hours). i do my grocery shopping, cook a couple meals and also prep another meal so the cooking time is quick on the weekday i actually make the food.

today i cooked:
1. beef stir fry with cabbage and onions, and roasted cauliflower (for dinner tonight). the rest of the beef went into the freezer.
2. sloppy joes (dinner the next 2 nights for daddy and andy). lana will eat leftover soup that's in the fridge - i don't think she'll like sloppy joes.
and i also prepped a third meal of korean pork meatballs by chopping up all the veggies, so that on the day it's dinner, all i have to do is mix with the ground pork, tofu, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry up.

i am seriously considering hiring a korean nanny when baby #2 gets here to help with the cooking. i don't know if i can do it with working + 2 kids. if you have any tips on cooking, cleaning, juggling, balancing, tightroping...or more generally, just "how to get it done with kids and a job and not go crazy," please let me know! it's a daily struggle - one i'm glad to do and thankful for but you know, sometimes you just want to not have to pee with an audience or step on the same toy 5 times in one day.

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