Sunday, April 27, 2014

29 weeks.

today marks 29 weeks. i think i forgot to post last week. lana is all better now, thank goodness. my pelvic situation (never thought i'd have a "situation" with my pelvis but that's the deal right now) - it is gradually getting worse. it doesn't seem to have much chance of getting better, so i just need to endure till stello comes. i went to the OB last week and she recommended that i keep physical activity, including commuting, to a minimum. what she said (and i've noticed) is that there's a threshold. if i pass that threshold, the pain flares up and it lasts for hours. so i need to keep my activity to a minimum to stay under that line. the problem is that line keeps moving lower and lower. i talked to my boss last week, told her what the doc said, and said i think i'll try to come in 1-2 days a week when i have meetings and then work from home the other days and she agreed that makes sense. she is so understanding, i am so so grateful. this past week i worked from home mon, thurs and fri. 

i took the glucose test last OB appt - hopefully i pass that despite the fact that i eat ungodly amounts of sugar on a daily basis. my appetite (for normal food) hasn't been great again the past two weeks, and it seems that whenever that's the case my appetite for junk and sweets goes up. i also gained 3 pounds in the past month! so i am now +7 pounds. 

doc and i also talked about c-section date. unless stello comes earlier, i will go in to deliver him on 7/7/14 which is a nice birthday. so exactly 10 weeks left to get him out. i know i'm just trading one hardship for another when i wish this pain to end and for the baby to come out, but since he has to come out eventually anyway...i'm really so over this pelvic pain. it's been really rough but i'm so thankful that my mom is here, job is understanding, SH is doing everything, lana is a pretty easy i'm just trying to not get too depressed about the pain and my lack of mobility. the result is a lot of time watching TV, playing on my phone and googling stupid things, eating ice cream and sewing. -_- this past week, i finished my first quilt (mini size) and sewed nursing clips for friends w newborns. i just realized i had posted a while ago about spring cleaning/organizing. yeah well that's not really going to happen the way i had planned. poor daddy is going to have to do most of it with me barking orders at him. :(

in related news, if the rangers don't beat the flyers i might go into a rage that will induce early labor so they better win game 6. 

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