Sunday, April 13, 2014

27 weeks: NG :(

i'm 27 weeks today. i think today marks the beginning of the third trimester. it's been a rough week. tues night, lana got sick and none of us got sleep. i had to leave early wed morning for a work conference in toronto and i felt terrible leaving her. i heard from sh that she was getting worse and worse. so he took her to the doctor who said she has pneumonia. i couldn't believe it. i've never had and don't know much about it so it sounds so scary. poor sh and my mom had to take care of a very sick kid without me (and she often gets upset when she's sick and i'm not around). i got back fri afternoon and was so glad to be back to see my baby. pneumonia is seriously the worst. even when lana's sick, she's generally pretty happy and plays well. i'd never seen her like this. i got home fri and she was in and out of sleep and so lethargic. from that point on, till we went to bed, she never fully woke up. she was so sleep-deprived and energy-less it was so sad. she's finally playing a little today now that the antibiotics have kicked in, and the fever is gone (she hit 105 on fri!!) but her lungs still sound terrible and congested and she barely eats. hope my baby gets better soon. and unfortunately, sh caught lana's cold so he's not feeling too hot now either. we thought we were getting through this terrible winter relatively unscathed...spoke too soon.

my pelvic issue is getting worse. i think i'm going to have to talk to my boss soon about working from home most days. i feel terrible about it but i don't think i have much choice at this point, since regular activity like walking and moving around is getting difficult. i'm starting to feel really exasperated with this pregnancy. the next 13 weeks need to go quickly. i know it's no easier with a newborn but this constant pain is starting to wear on me. i'm praying that the pain will go away as soon as stello is born. no bump pic bc i am lying on the couch and have no desire to get up. but i am large. and in charge (not really). a big thanks to everyone who's been checking in on me and praying for us (esp. the past few days with lana being sick). my posts are becoming more and more debbie downer. :( hopefully next week's post will be a little better. 

i should actually mention that the week before last (for which i didn't put up a post) lana's uncle andy got married. and lana was a great flower girl! she even walked down the aisle herself which we never thought would happen. the below pic is a side-by-side comparison of her walking down the aisle in july for uncle ernie's wedding (left) and just a week or so ago for uncle andy's wedding (right). 8 months makes a big difference when it's 1/4 of your life! :)

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