Tuesday, March 29, 2011

19 weeks: IT'S A GIRL!

ok. i hate being wrong, and i hate admitting i'm wrong even more. but...it's true. i was totally wrong. i was so convinced our baby was a boy, but the ultrasound image shows that, according to our sonographer, our baby is indisputably a girl. (even though we could barely tell what we were looking at sometimes. our sonographer was a little socially awkward. "oh, what is that gray hole in the body?" "um, that's not a hole. that's the stomach." oh well how could i have made that mistake?!)

so we're having a girl! we are so excited. ok, let me rephrase. we are so excited but sh is also terrified. he knows he's going to be completely whipped. looks like i'm gonna have to be the disciplinarian with this one (why is the mom always bad cop?). the day we found out, i had fun changing everything yellow and green on the baby registry to pink. :D i don't know how parents wait till the birth to find out the sex. besides the agony of waiting, the majority of baby clothes is still very pink or blue.

this weekend is baby's second plane trip in utero and second time in florida. sh's sister is getting married in boca this saturday. we are so excited for the wedding, but i ain't gonna lie. i am maybe equally excited for the warm weather. this weather is just WHACK. really. i am usually good with the cold but this winter has overstayed its welcome. plus, how will people know to give up their seat for me on the subway if my bump is hidden under a bulky coat? seriously.

baby fun facts: she has been extremely active the past week. they say that if you're in a position baby doesn't like, baby will make sure you know it. when i sit indian style or bent over, she seems to kick more, as if to say, "um, you're squishing me. change positions please." she's kicked about 10 times during the course of writing this post.

bump! i'm huge!


  1. i agree - i don't know how people wait to find out. the "gender neutral" clothing is so boring.. and basically your baby will be wearing duck stuff forever!

  2. HAHA dont worry im sure everyone on the subway will world will know you are preggo soon enough even under all the bulky clothes