Monday, February 24, 2014

aloha! 20 weeks - exactly halfway! (or maybe one week over)

i'm posting this week from kauai! it felt like the longest trip ever. if you add up total travel time (from the time the cab picked us up to take us to the airport, to the time we arrived at our hotel) it took 18 hours. 11 hour direct flight to honolulu, then a transfer to kauai (45 min plane ride) and then grabbing a rental car and driving another 45 minutes to our hotel on the north shore (and stopping at a supermarket on the way for groceries). everything took longer than expected bc of island time. every time i complained sh would remind me to chill my east coast personality. -_- it was pretty brutal, and traveling with a kid makes everything harder, but lana was SUCH a champ the whole way. she barely cried, was in a great mood and was pretty easy to entertain with snacks, play-doh, kindle and tv. what shocked me was for an 11 hour flight, we didn't get one free meal. they came around twice with options to purchase meals but the second time they ran out of meals so all we could buy was snack boxes. we were all starving by the end of the flight, and it's ok for adults to be hungry but i felt so bad to lana who was also clearly really hungry. all these extra fees and charges by airlines are really starting to annoy me, but it's a completely different thing to not even offer real meals to purchase. 

but what's important is we are here! it is so unbelievably breathtaking. we went to maui and big island for our honeymoon but kauai is very different. it has that small quaint feel of big island (kona) but with a more ethereal quality to it. it's hard to describe. after a rough day traveling, it was so nice today to veg, eat an awesome sunday brunch (i ate a lot!), hang out by the pool, take a nap, and finish off the evening with cheap chinese food and the most amazing ice cream (lappert's - i got "kauai pie" which is kona coffee ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts and vanilla cake crunch). i had second thoughts about this trip bc of the flight time but i'm so glad we did it. it is so relaxing and i feel myself just unwinding and getting some much needed rest. and  a vacation without a blackberry happens like maybe twice in a lifetime! 

in pregnancy news, i went to the OB on friday and gained 4 pounds! i am now up to -2. 😁 i am slowly starting to eat better but the progress is just that - slow - and some days are still bad. i have my 20 week ultrasound next week. excited to see baby again and get confirmation of the sex and due date. no bump pic this week bc i look bleh and am already in bed! island laziness. hope everyone stays warm back home and the polar vortex isnt as bad as last time! 

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