Wednesday, March 5, 2014

21.5 weeks - hawaii recap!

this past sunday marked 21 weeks into the pregnancy (confirmed at the ultrasound this morning - more about that later). we just got back yesterday from hawaii and had a really awesome time. a little recap:

we flew direct from newark to honolulu, and then flew a small plane from honolulu to kauai. it felt like forever. lana was so good the whole way and barely even whined, which is pretty impressive for a 2.5 yr old since even i was whining by the end of the trip. from the time we stepped out of our house to the time we checked into the hotel was 19 hours. it probably could've taken 17 but you know how it is in hawaii - everything's on island time. like why does it take an hour to get a rental car when there is barely a line?? -_-

we spent 5 nights in princeville at the westin resort. i was worried bc they say princeville rains a lot in the winter, but it stayed away for the most part and only rained at night when we were sleeping. the weather was awesome and the high was around 80 degrees every day. kauai was just what i needed - away from people/civilization, quiet (except for the damn chickens), tranquil, warm, and an amazing view of both the mountains and the ocean. i haven't been on a vacation like this since our honeymoon - one where you're supposed to just sit back and do nothing. i didn't realize how much i missed it till i did it again. i obviously love all the trips i've been on since our honeymoon but this time i really needed a vacation where we had no plans and spent the whole day just vegging around the resort. the icing on the cake was not having a job! out of habit i kept checking my phone for emails and then remembered oh wait, i have no work emails to check. :D

i had a list of things that you're supposed to do on kauai, but we ended up not doing most of them bc 1) we were too lazy to and 2) being in the car a lot felt like such a waste of precious time. everyone says waimea canyon is a must-see, but it is also a 4 hour round trip from princeville. lana was also not a very happy camper in the car (for some reason, she's so good in our car but hates cars that aren't ours) so it wasn't worth the stress. the most we did was drive to kapaa twice for food, which was about a 30 min ride from princeville.

after 5 nights, we flew back to honolulu. we stayed 4 nights (was supposed to be 3, but ended up staying another night because of the "storm" that was supposed to hit the east coast) in waikiki. it was a nice constrast from the seclusion of kauai - it was city but not too city, and had a fun hustle and bustle to it. again, we barely left waikiki. i had the usual list of places to go to like pearl harbor, dole plantation, north shore, etc. but like in kauai, we were content to just stay close to the hotel, walk around waikiki and swim at the pool. lana hates (more like, is terrified of) sand so we didn't go to the beach other than to just look at it. the food was so good - i'm going to miss all the fresh pineapple and the desserts in particular (lapperts, leonards, waiola shave ice, the coconut pudding, halo-halo, etc. etc.). did i tell you how much i ate on this trip? it's like i never had a problem eating this whole pregnancy. i think it's safe to say i hit my pre-pregnancy weight and then some. i doubt it'll be the same now that i'm home but it was nice to be able to eat well for a week and a half. i also felt really great overall - maybe it was bc i was outside getting vitamin D (usually i'm really deficient), breathing good air, getting some exercise. maybe it's a sign i need to move to hawaii. -_- unfortunately, there are probably all of 2 corporate law openings there.

the trip was not really a babymoon since sh and i didn't get much alone time, but bc my mom was there we got help with lana and didn't feel the need to really get away on our own. we had so much fun seeing lana have a blast swimming and seeing new things. my mom also had a great time (maybe the best out of all of us haha). so we're home now and i am freezing. it's not even really that cold today but i really feel like it's taking me some time to adjust back to these temperatures. i'm also super jetlagged but luckily i have 5 more days before i start my new job. this morning, i went to my 20 week ultrasound. the doctor confirmed my due date of 7/13 - she said the baby is on the big side (about 3 days ahead of schedule), but it's not enough to change my due date to 7/6. she also confirmed the last ultrasound tech's hunch that the baby is a boy. :) sh was convinced since before i even got pregnant that #2 would be a girl, so we even had a girl named picked out and everything (stella). but after the 12 week ultrasound tech said she was pretty sure the baby was a boy, we just started calling him...stello. but we have no idea what his real name is going to be - why are boy names so much harder to pick out than girl names? i could seriously name the next five (hypothetical) baby girls in 10 minutes but i cannot be 100% sure of one boy name.

below is the baby's profile pic:

and my 21.5 week bump pic (and looks like someone snuck into the pic just as i took it):

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