Sunday, March 23, 2014

24 weeks. spring! just kidding.

today i am 24 weeks pregnant. i am getting tired. really tired. so i will be employing bullet point lists more and more. by week 35 i expect i will not be writing anything coherent at all. it'll be something like:
- ice cream.
- beached whale.
- get out.

this week's highlights:
- i am still eating pretty well - i'm getting less and less picky, but still no pork or chicken. i did eat 5 guys on fri night though and it was pretty dang good. i don't think i'm eating quite as much as i normally do (when not pregnant) but at least there's steady improvement.

- my dessert eating is out of control. i should probably scale back but i have zero desire to have self-control in that area.

- i went to the OB this past friday and i finally broke the pre-pregnancy weight barrier! i am now +2 pounds. but the OB was like, your baby's big! so the baby is over a pound and you've gained less than a pound. -_- it kind of boggles my mind that my babies end up big because of how little i eat throughout my pregnancies. lana was 7 lbs 11 oz and she was almost a week early, and i ate even less during that pregnancy than this one. i guess it's genetic? and with this one being a boy i'm scared that he'll be even bigger.

- breathing this past week has not been very good. may be time to make another appointment with my pulmonary doc, but as i've been using my inhaler as needed, i'm a little skeptical about what they can do for me. my concern is that as i get bigger and baby pushes up more and more, i feel like the breathing will only get worse.

- even though i've only gained 2 pounds, my belly is getting really big, and i think it's way bigger than it was at this point with lana. i should do a side-by-side pic comparison...someday. the back pain has started and i'm starting to feel myself waddle. i'm really scared about the fact that i still have 16 weeks to go...i am bracing myself to hear "omg are you pregnant with twins??" near the end of this pregnancy.

- my dad is coming this friday!

- they say spring is here but other than yesterday, it don't feel like it yet. but nevertheless, spring cleaning has started in the choe household. i've decided to break it up into manageable chunks by focusing on one room/area every week or two - that way we should be done by summer! -_- i love organizing though, so despite the fact that my body is not being very cooperative and spring cleaning always means running up and down our steep flight of stairs over and over, i'm excited to clear out the crap (there's so much crap!) and get this house organized, clean and ready for stello. this week's room is lana's. i've pulled out all her clothes from 0-1yrs and divided them up into three piles: 1) garbage, 2) donation and 3) lend to friends. the 1-2yrs clothing is divided up by age in stackable bins in her closet. there's a separate bin filled with clothing/blankets/etc. that we can reuse for stello (aka are not screaming hot pink). it also helps when grandmama is here to help with all this.

i still want to do a deep clean to get all the dust out of lana's room, but since it's getting cold again this week (UGH) and i don't want to open the windows when it's 35 degrees out, that'll probably (hopefully, maybe) happen next weekend.

BUMP. this poor t-shirt should be retired.

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