Monday, March 31, 2014

25 weeks.

i was 25 weeks pregnant yesterday. this post is going to be shorter than usual because i am not feeling so hot. i think i complained a couple weeks ago about feeling pain in my pelvic area. well this past week the pain, which was more localized right under the belly (in the pubic bone area), started radiating out towards the hips (where legs meet torso) and even down the thighs. it also got more intense. i went to the OB on friday and she said i have "pubis symphysis diastasis"…or something like that. essentially, when your body gets ready to have a baby, it releases extra hormones so that the ligaments loosen and the pelvic bones separate to make room for the baby to come out. in some lucky women, the hormones go into overdrive prematurely. they're not sure why but they think it may have something to do with the size/position of the baby (and they've been saying from the beginning that the baby is big). i also think i'm carrying this baby lower than i was carrying lana. anyway, so basically the two sides of my pelvic bones have already separated even though i have 15 weeks to go (and when i don't even need them to separate since i'm having a c-section -__-). the OB said there isn't much we can do since i can't take any real painkillers while pregnant. she said "don't walk or stand much." um, ok. she said if it gets super serious the only real options are either steroid injections, which are obviously not recommended during pregnancy, or bedrest. i'd go crazy on bedrest. generally, mornings are better, but by evening, i am in a lot of pain and the pain spreads to even my tailbone and butt. it's been pretty rough the past few days, so prayers would be appreciated! not sure how i'm going to last 15 weeks like this. the other really hard part is i'm so new at my job, and i hate to already be missing work. everyone is so understanding and so awesome, but i still feel so bad. i'm hoping it is just a phase right now and that it'll start hurting less really soon.

bump (is killing me)!

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