Wednesday, January 20, 2010


hi everyone. i'm much better. it was a miserable miserable few days. i really don't remember the last time i had a cold this bad. extremely painful sinus pressure, major congestion, and that fuzziness all over in the head. anyway. i thought i could start up training today but i don't think it's time yet. i still have a cough and that tickle in my lungs that makes me feel like i won't be able to breathe well enough to do the run. maybe by tomorrow i'll be able to at least run/walk 1.5 miles.

i hate hate hate being sick. it's such a waste of time. it ruined my weekend, put me back almost a week in training, made me cancel dinner dates, etc. yesterday, i was feeling cabin fever from being cooped up at home and felt the need to be productive so i cleaned and reorganized the bedroom, walk-in closet and my makeup tray. maybe i should be sick more often. o_O

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