Thursday, January 21, 2010

training DAY 6 (very much delayed)

DAY 6: 1.5 miles
total run time: 15:40 minutes (10.5-9 minute mile pace)

i was able to finish the 1.5 miles without stopping. i wasn't as tired as i feared i would be--i was just really stiff. afterwards i did go into a coughing fit though. my lungs weren't too happy about the workout i gave them because breathing was a bit rough.

so i have some news. this whole blog was based on the premise that i need to be productive with all my time off, esp. because i felt that i hadn't been as productive as i could've been with my first 5 months off. so. my start date at work is april 5, and i have 2+ months to be a productive little bee until then. i thought. i get a phone call from my law firm today asking if i could start...monday. this monday. like, in 4 days. no, 3 days. i'm not sure how this all happened because in my mind people are still twiddling their thumbs at their law firm desks all across america, but no, apparently that is not the case. at least at my firm. they say they're super busy and can't handle the workload with the people currently working so that's where i come in. i was in shock for a few hours. wait, i'm still in shock. i mean, this turns my life upside down. life is changing too quickly. but i'm ok. i just need to make the most of my next three days, buy some work clothes, and off i go. this is what i wanted, right? riiight.

so the real question is...can i still do my training? i hope i can. we'll see how work goes. no matter what i'm still running the race. i paid the $ so i'm going. whether i finish, well, we'll just have to find out on feb 28. 

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