Saturday, January 9, 2010

training DAY 3...postponed. i hate teeth.

it's true. today should've been day 3 but it's not. i got a root canal yesterday and pretty much ever since, i've been in pain. i've gotten root canals before (as the unlucky recipient of the genes responsible for my dad's bad teeth), but they've never hurt. yesterday, during the procedure, the dentist was drilling and i was happily listening to 'beat it' coming through the radio when BAM. i felt the drilling. i yelped, and the dentist said, "oh you felt that, sorry." so he pumped me with more anesthesia, but throughout the rest of the procedure i could still feel a slight amount of the drilling. so i was immensely relieved when the root canal was done. i thought it was all over.

so then...imagine how unpleasant a surprise it was when i started feeling major throbbing and pain once the anesthesia wore off a few hours later. then the headache came. i popped aleve like candy but it didn't really make the pain go away. i was so happy this morning when i woke up and there was no pain, but it came back around 3pm. i took a nap for a few hours and just woke up, but it still hurts and my head's still pounding so i'm going to take today off. it's a little disappointing to be veering "off track" (pun intended) already in week 1, but if i feel ok tomorrow i'll just make tomorrow day 3 and i'm guessing it won't be that big a deal.

i hate teeth. and for the record, i think any pain in the mouth is the worst kind there is.

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