Thursday, January 7, 2010

training DAY 2

yesterday was a rest or CT day but i took the day off. i didn't mind the break at all but it also wasn't really by choice. i had a million things to do with my mom, who arrived at my apartment at 10am. we didn't get back to my apartment till 10pm, because we picked my aunt and monster up from the airport. i wasn't about to work out at that hour. i think the rest was good. i actually felt excited (inconceivable!) to go back and see how my body felt for day 2.

DAY 2: 1.5 miles
total run time: 16 minutes (10-10.5 minute mile pace)

i wanted to try running the 1.5 miles a little faster to see if i could do it. i was between 5.7 and 5.9 (mph) and did ok. again, i was getting pretty tired by 1.25 miles, but i consider this an improvement since i was going faster and still felt about the same amount of tired as day 1. any improvement to encourage me along. -__-

strength training:
1. 20 pushups
2. dumbbell figure 8s
3. tricep workout with dumbbells

i'm continuing to do research on barcelona and malaga. i have a pretty good sense of where the barcelona neighborhoods are now, and i'm starting to sketch out a rough itinerary for the 3 days we'll be there. 
question: i'm thinking of buying a travel waist pack to hide under my jacket while i'm there to thwart any would-be pickpocketers. any suggestions? 


  1. running: i have an old nike+ that works with my old ipod nano. not sure which ipods the new nike+s work with. you'll have to check with nike/apple. but it's so fun to track!!! and the avatars are so cute!

    barcelona: i dunno. i am not that ajooms. or that well-traveled of an ajooms. check reviews on amazon, ebags, etc.?

  2. is your seungho working out with you?

  3. hey there. =)
    so, about that travel waist pack/belt - i bought one from cvs. it made me feel secure. it also made me feel fat (yay, layer of extra padding around the gut). but definitely better than the ones you hang like a necklace. =)