Tuesday, February 8, 2011

week 13: second trimester!

welcome, second trimester (aka, supposedly, the "golden stage" of pregnancy). i just have a few little requests: 1) please kick morning sickness to the curb. 2) please give me my energy back (so i'm not wheezing after climbing one flight of stairs). 3) and for my most desperate request: please bring back my normally beastly appetite. i am sick of the food aversions. i want to love food again. in theory, all i want is a big burger. but then as soon as i actually see a burger, i want to puke. -_- the separation of the mind and body is a little disconcerting.

the biggest development so far (literally) is my growing belly. for a while i thought, am i showing or am i just REALLY bloated? well for a while the answer was just REALLY bloated. but now, i am definitely showing. i don't think it's particularly noticeable with the loose sweater dresses i've been wearing to work. but if you took a good look, as sh says, you'd go, "is she pregnant or just fat?" :(

but it's not about me anymore. when i think about this baby, sometimes i'm really immature and start thinking about gremlins. but more often, i am completely floored by how i can love something so much that i haven't even seen yet. well, besides in the ultrasound. speaking of ultrasound our next one is tomorrow! i am SO EXCITED. :D

quick baby stats:
he/she is now almost 3 inches long, has fingernails and toenails and is able to stick its thumb in its mouth!

so here is my first "bump" picture (but bear in mind i just inhaled an entire "love it" with waffle bowl from cold stone 5 min before the picture).

i look like:

but i feel like:

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  1. i heard they come out with super long nails. well if they form now, i guess you can't cut them for 6 months and they just keep growing. so gremlin is right in the claws sense, i guess.

    immature friend