Wednesday, February 16, 2011

13 weeks (+ 1 day): it's too cold.

i go up a week in the pregnancy every tuesday so i'm trying to blog every tuesday but yesterday i was suffering from the "omg how is vacation over already and why is new york so freakin' cold" syndrome. florida was fantastic. the cold + being pregnant = a very cranky and tired me. the vacation was exactly what i needed - some sun, some warmth, no work, no stress, and just time to rest.

i have to keep this short because i'm at work and i have a ton of things to do before i head out to my doctor's appointment at 4:30 (seriously, that is the life, my doctor never seems to work before 11 or after 5...but do all OBs have to go to the hospital at like 2am if their patient goes into labor? then that sucks).

before i go, two observations: it's a good thing i don't know the sex of the baby yet. i would be on a shopping rampage. we went to the mall in florida and there was THE CUTEST baby clothes store. sh had to rip me away from it but i didn't put up too much of a fight since i don't know if the baby is a boy or girl. moral of the story: after i know the sex of the baby, all hell breaks loose.

observation two: i was getting really frustrated with my ever-diminishing work attire as my belly grows. even the M/L forever21 leggings are getting tight. enter mommy friends who recommend the bella band which i wore for the first time to work today. awesome. so awesome.

here is the bump, which seems to have grown exponentially within a few days. kinda freaky.

*edit* - sh said my counting convention is wrong because i'm counting the week i'm entering instead of the week i just finished. i am at my 14th week (which is the way i was counting) but he said i should say i'm 13 weeks in. so fiiine - i am 13 weeks + 1 day.


  1. I love the mommy blog - approved by DPD! Keep it up, momma!


  2. that's what my belly looks like normally... and my husband's aunt thought I was pregnant!!


  3. my friend's dad is an ob/gyn. he does his best to schedule c-sections around his schedule at least. around the holidays, he tries to get most of his patients scheduled for inductions or c-sections. =\

    cute baby bump. or is that just an ajooms beh?