Wednesday, February 23, 2011

14 weeks (+1 day): still cold, and mama's always right

i am a day late again, but my excuse is that since i had monday off, yesterday was really like a monday, making today really like a tuesday. so here is my weekly tuesday post.

it's still cold. really cold. i don't remember ever being so upset with the (cold) weather. if you know me, you know i generally like the cold and prefer it over sweltering heat. i swear, all those years living in a rink and walking around in only a sports bra + hockey pants do something for your immunity to the frigid air. but alas, i am no longer playing hockey, i am getting older, and most importantly, i'm pregnant. my mom said two things to me the day i got pregnant: "be ready to be super tired and super cold." true, and true. if she added, "and be ready to hate food," that sentence would sum up my pregnancy so far.

if you've talked to me about giving birth, you know that i want all the drugs. i know natural birth has become very popular these days, and i think if you can do it, you are 1) crazy and 2) amazing. but me, i know my pain threshold. it is low. give me all the drugs you got. ever watch the movie waitress? when keri russell is about to have the baby and she says, "i want the maximum legal limit of drugs"...? that's me. the end goal is a happy and healthy baby. i don't need to feel the process of getting said happy and healthy baby out. you never really think about these things until it becomes a reality for you. which is why i never thought about asking my mom how her three labor experiences were, and i never thought about the fact that epidurals are a pretty new thing. when you hear your mom tell you that she gave birth to three kids completely naturally, you want to hug her. like, bear hug her. of course, she then goes on and on about how i was the hardest and how after being in labor for hours and hours and days and days, when i finally came out, she fainted and slept for 24 hours. i think maybe she was laying it on thick at the end there, but still, i get it. i really get it. remember when you were a kid and you were being a brat and your mom says to you, "do you know how much i went through to bring you into this world?" and you go "psh" and she replies (if you're a girl), "just wait till you have a baby. you'll know. you'll know when you're a mom."...? ugh. i hate when they're right.

in other news, the next sonogram is scheduled for march 25. that's when we find out the sex of the baby and can finally stop calling the baby an "it" (although sh is already calling the baby "she").

fast facts about baby: it is now about the size of an apple. it can sense light even though its eyelids are closed.

bump picture:


  1. Good stuff. Be prepared to suddenly need your mommy and her advice all the time. :) it's funny bc Ella happened to be watching the YouTube vid of her meeting Sammy (of course she knows how to use the iPhone - kids these days...). Anyway it made me think how much u r going to enjoy your own kids and how u r going to be a great mom!! :D

  2. hanah - i know. it's so sad though because even though my mom will be here for a while when the baby's born, she eventually has to go back to china. :(
    noah and baby won't be that different in age - i can't wait for playdates!

  3. i watched the documentary 'the business of being born' and it was really quite interesting. biased, but still, gave good insight into the process of delivery regarding natural vs. not.
    (unknowingly) near the end of nathan's labor, i was pretty much demanding an epidural. but it was too late! it was time to push!
    suuuper cute baby bump! =D