Tuesday, March 15, 2011

17 weeks: sick mommy. gymnast baby.

i am sick. i've had a slight cold the past week but nothing serious. then i woke up yesterday and felt like i slammed into a ton of bricks. super-sore throat, extreme sinus pressure all over, congestion, achy. it's worse because you can't take anything when you're pregnant (friends have suggested the netipot - is this thing really as amazing as everyone says?). i didn't even realize today was blog day until the hubs asked, "isn't it bump day today?" because he takes the picture every week.

i'm going to keep it short because i need to drink some tea and go to bed early. the big news this week is that i felt the baby move for the first time saturday. it feels like someone is poking you from the inside. i wasn't sure if it was the baby at first, but since saturday i feel it pretty frequently and now i'm certain it's the baby. it's not like anything i've felt before, and it's in the area where i know the baby is (very low in the belly). it's been such a nice development in my otherwise not-so-nice week. i think this morning the baby was doing some acrobatics in there because i felt a whole lot of movement. i know three days isn't enough to establish a trend but i feel like the baby moves more right when i'm waking up. or maybe it's just that i can feel it better when i'm lying down.

the bump: it might look smaller than usual because i'm wearing a tshirt (read: pjs i never changed out of today) instead of the tighter shirt i usually wear for the picture - but trust me, it has grown a lot this past week.


  1. it looks bigger...when are you finding out gender?

  2. next friday morning (3/25). i'll let you know as soon as we find out. i have $ on boy still.

  3. its exciting to read about the baby - and yes, I think the bump is a bit bigger than when I saw you last week. We have the neti pot. I like it (wouldn't say "love") - I feel better after I use it. I got it for andy but he refuses to try it, "because water shouldn't go up your nose or then it goes in your lungs and then you die!".

  4. Feel better :)

    I do the neti pot thing, but I don't buy a pot -- i just use the squeezie bottle the saline water comes in at the drug store. And yes, it completely clears out your sinuses and you breathe so easily afterwards. It's awkward, but has good results.

  5. The baby is rocked to sleep by your motion when you are active during the day. Then when the motion stops at nighttime, the baby is more active and awake. At least, that's what I seem to remember from all the pregnancy books and from my past 2 pregnancies and this one.