Tuesday, March 22, 2011

18 weeks: netipot is my friend. snot is not.

so yes. the netipot is as amazing as everyone says. all this snot just starts draining out after you use it - i used it for the first time sunday night and it was the first time i slept without waking up every hour or couple hours from being congested since i got sick. it is a little weird to have liquid go in one nostril and out the other (the reason for my hesitation to use it in the beginning) but once you get over that, it's actually very nice. the warm saline solution feels wonderful in your nose. it was really a godsend since i can't take any medication to fight this cold. sometimes, all i wanted was a couple gulps of nyquil. but what we do for babies.

the baby is moving like crazy. sh and i joke that it's practicing dance moves in my belly. i feel it more and more, which is really fun. it's like our little secret. and today for the first time, i was sitting on the couch with my hand on my belly and felt the kick from the outside. it'll probably be a while before sh can actually feel it, but i'm looking forward to when we can feel the movement together. what was interesting is that the baby kicked especially a lot at church on sunday while the band was playing. when i told my mom, she said it's definitely true that babies move more when they hear music or loud noises. she said when she was pregnant with ernie, he used to kick up a storm when she took andy and me to violin lessons.

the big day is coming soon - we find out the sex of the baby on friday! we talk about it literally every 5 minutes because we can't wait to know what IT is. sh said he's posting the results on fb as soon as we find out, from the ultrasound room. so look for the news to hit fb on friday morning around 9am. :)

bump time - (don't judge, yes i'm wearing the same tshirt as last week. i have a limited wardrobe!)

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  1. eekkk you can finally go shopping for IT on friday!!!!