Saturday, May 14, 2011

25 weeks (+ 4 days): alien!

i tried blogging yesterday but blogspot was down. it's been a busy week. i don't have time to blog much (read: i completely veg out and pass out when i get home in the evenings) so here's a quick summary of the things i want to get down:

1. we have not found a place to live yet in nj. we are 2 weekends away from the weekend we need to move. i am sort of freaking out. we have a few appointments this morning. please pray that we get a place! or lana will be homeless. no i'm not a drama queen.

2. lana is SO active. i can now see parts of her body stick out of my belly. it's so crazy. sometimes i'll feel all this wriggling and moving and all of a sudden there's a lump sticking out the side of my belly. (she prefers the right side.) if i poke it, it usually goes back in. haha. it's like a little game between us. :)

3. sometimes i forget that being pregnant means i will be a parent soon. that sounds weird. that sounds not right. sometimes i feel bad for lana.

4. i have gained a total of 6 pounds since i got pregnant. it feels like WAY more than that. the doc said my goal should be to hit 130 by the end.

bump! (what i wear changes the appearance of how big my belly is. but trust me, i'm growing)

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