Friday, May 27, 2011

27 weeks (+3 days): busy busy

just a few days away from the third trimester! sometimes it felt like it went fast, but mostly it felt like i crawled my way here. monday marked exactly 3 months to go (due date aug 23). when i say to sh "i've been pregnant forever!" he goes "be thankful you're not an elephant." -_-

work was pretty crazy the past couple weeks, but the deal closed wednesday so...hallelujah. good timing too because i'm taking off all next week for the move.

so we are full swing in packing mode. actually, let me rephrase. my mom's been in full swing in packing mode. what would we have done without her for this move? she has cleared out the fridge and freezer by cooking us random but yummy combinations of food (hot and ready to eat the second we walk in the door), she packs a few boxes every day (she even brought "work" gloves with her from china for the express purpose of packing for us), she takes care of sammie and she gives me foot massages at the end of the day when i'm totally spent. i don't want to imagine how we would've gotten through this whole process without her. she left for georgia on wednesday to visit my aunt and sh and i are like, "wait, we have to finish packing this ourselves now?" haha. we are only in a one bedroom and we don't have that much furniture but it feels like we have SO much stuff. we are moving on tuesday. so only a few more days before we say goodbye to brooklyn and hello to nj. i'm going to miss brooklyn a lot but i gotta say, the garage, the jacuzzi tub, the backyard, the deck, the convenience of driving wherever i want to go (hello mitsuwa!) - they'll help me get used to nj. :)

so now that i'm approaching the third trimester, the aches and pains are getting worse. foot and back pain are pretty regular, and my legs are always aching. they feel really weak. i'm constantly stretching them but they don't feel stretched. i've also experienced a couple blackouts (one monday actually) and that's no fun. they both happened at the subway platform, but thank god i didn't get on the subway. on monday i was standing there waiting for the train when my heart started racing all of a sudden. then i got chills, then i felt sweaty (like a hot flash). because it'd happened once before, i knew the blackout was coming. i talked to my OB about this and she said it's common for pregnant women to experience this because so much of our blood gets diverted to the baby. she said the best thing to do is lie down and elevate the legs and also eat something if my blood sugar is low. so i basically left the subway station and went straight back home. i lied down on the couch with my legs elevated and took a quick nap. a dull headache and some dizziness stayed with me all day but the blackout was averted. she's like a little vampire in there, taking all my blood!

so many people around us are having babies, and when i see the pictures of the babies in the delivery room, i'm like, aww how nice, but it doesn't really hit me that that'll actually happen to us. there's still so much of a reality gap between me right now (despite feeling big and heavy and achy) and me post-delivery holding a baby. it hasn't sunk in yet, but maybe it will once we move and set up the nursery. everything's going really great though, and i'm just so so thankful to God for the smooth pregnancy so far. it's so exciting to see our families so eager for her arrival - she's going to be one spoiled baby being the first grandchild on both sides. o_O

bump! gah i feel so big!

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