Tuesday, May 17, 2011

26 weeks: nursery dreams

i hesitate to say it because...being a lawyer you learn quickly that nothing is really a done deal until you hold the executed contract in your hands...but it seems like we found a place to live. lana may not be homeless after all. :) thank jesus! after a lot of heartache and anxiety and waiting, we've signed a lease for a duplex in cliffside park. we're just waiting for the landlord to sign (who, of course, is away in florida this week and "doesn't do email"). so you know then that i have nightmarish daydreams of her backing out a week before june 1 rolls around. anyway, the place is big, new (and therefore, CLEAN), bright...has a washer/dryer, a garage, a backyard! things i took for granted growing up but which have become unfathomable amenities for the NYer version of me. the landlord made a huge stink about sammie but we've been able to negotiate around it (read: we paid more money...that little mutt rules the show and she knows it).

since the house hunting process is now (hopefully) done, my thoughts have presently drifted over to the nursery. :D i am so excited to set it up, esp. now that i know what the room looks like. i am a complete design blog junkie. i am on apartmenttherapy.com every day, and nowadays, also ohdeedoh.com, which is dedicated to kid-related design.

as of now, i am envisioning the nursery colors to be white, natural wood, gray, with lime green accents.

this is what i have lined up to buy for the nursery in terms of the essential furniture items:

crib - "nest crib" from room and board. it was really important for me to buy a solid wood american-made crib that i knew would be sturdy and last for subsequent baby/ies.

dresser - "hemnes" from ikea. i figured we don't need an expensive dresser for the baby. we can place a changing pad on top of this so it double duties as a changing table. i may change out the knobs for cuter ones.

rocking chair - "empire rocker" from nurseryworks. this was my splurge...i actually already bought it. i saw it on gilt for way cheaper than the list price, so i jumped on it. it fits the gray color scheme perfectly. :)

as i continue shopping for nursery items i'll post them and it'll be awesome to post pictures of the full nursery once it's all set up!


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